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smallGIANTdesigns is a multi-media marketing agency specializing in blending traditional tactics & mediums with new technologies & methods. We pay as much attention to trends as we do to detail and believe in giving our clients not only customized designs, but cutting-edge avenues to reach their core audience. We believe in using traditional advertising mediums, such as print, to push potential customers to the more modern ways of obtaining fresh, rich, and dynamic content using mobile technologies. We are aware there are bottom lines and big pictures in marketing, but caring about small details is what leads to GIANT success.

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We do print, web, video, and overall marketing - and we do it well.

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With over 20 years in the print industry and a solid  foundation of fine art skills, there isn’t anything  smallGIANTdesigns can’t do... From business cards & brochures, to banners, billboards and beyond.  Even if you need a truck wrapped, we’ve got you covered - literally. We blend creativity with calculated methods that keep your print materials cohesive, helping to reinforce your brand. Even if you are in the beginning stages of building your brand, smallGIANTdesigns can help with your business or organization’s identity, starting with a logo design or makeover. We are a one-stop-shop experience, offering a print management service to see the project through from concept to completion, freeing up your time to concentrate on other matters.



A professional web presence is a key component of a business or organization’s success and identity. At smallGIANTdesigns, we guide you not only in deciding which type of website best suits you, but we also have a team of strong developers ready to keep you current in this mobile world. Gone are the days of a phone line and a clunky desktop computer being the sole connection to the internet. Laptops, phones, and tablets have ushered in opportunities for a new user experience. Too often we hear, “A Facebook page is enough” but it’s not. Although social media is important, a website allows control in showcasing your business or organization. We strive for form, function, fast load times, and searchability to make sure your business or organization has an open digital door 24/7.



Video is the most effective medium for reaching your audience.  Nothing captures

the essence of your brand like a professionally produced video. At smallGIANTdesigns, we have a passion for visual storytelling, a strong skillset, and

cutting-edge equipment. Not only do we assist with an effective script and storyboard, but we also deliver cinema-like quality, whether using footage shot from

our top-notch drone or the creative post-production work we do when editing your piece. Today, more than ever, video can be viewed and shared by people on a number of devices and in a number of ways. Let us

help tell your story that can be shared on YouTube, your website, Facebook, Twitter, traditional broadcasting and more!




Without a marketing strategy, you may only have pretty puzzle pieces that aren’t connected. At smallGIANTdesigns, we understand the need for creative, planned ways to deliver more than just a message to your audience, we help them experience

your brand. We work with you to define and stay within a brand standards guide. Growing your customer base and retaining loyal customers weigh equally on the scale of importance and we are acutely aware of that fact. We want to sit down and talk with you to find out not only how to accurately

represent your business or organization, but to carve out a path together for a unique campaign that sets clear goals upfront with built-in ways to track your marketing dollars.


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